Are you tired of unsustainable diets and "hate yourself thin" quick fixes?

Lose weight, get stronger and create the active lifestyle you've always wanted with Fitme.

We are on a mission to help 100,000 women access a fit and healthy lifestyle through community coaching and belonging. Fitme will help you reach your goals and then if you want to join our mission, you can be a part of the solution for others.

Achieve your goals in our Fitme Body Program

Inspire and support others as a Fitme Community Leader

Guide others as a certified Fitme Coach

Access the life you want

Lose weight, build muscle and feel your BEST by creating a healthy lifestyle.

Inside the Fitme program, you will follow a customized plan built specifically for you and your goals. Your 1-1 coach will guide you every step of the way and the Fitme team will support you for all of your needs including: workouts, mindset, meal prep, metabolism reviews and accountability.

Be a part of the mission

We know once you start to feel your best, you may want to help others...

Fitme is looking for women who have a passion for helping others. Start with the Fitme Community Leader Certification and utilize Fitme free resources to help those in your local or online community. For those that want even more, certify as a Fitme Coach and you will guide others, build a business and utilize the Fitme method to create life changing results for clients.

  • You do not need to have already achieved your goal, just be working towards it.

  • Have a deep desire to help others.

  • Do better with your own goals when leading by example.

  • Are in alignment with Fitme mission and values.

We support you thrive.

You don't need to wait to feel good. Creating a happy healthy body is as simple as one doable step at a time. There will never be a perfect season to get started. If you are willing to make a change, we will guide you every step of the way.


Decision to make change.


Weeks and you will notice progress.


Months and you will have new habits.

1 Year

You will have built a new lifestyle.

Hi! I'm Christy Campbell and I'm the founder of Fitme.

I am mom of 3, a Navy veteran and a woman on a mission. After 10 knee surgeries and my first 2 pregnancies I found myself 40+ pounds overweight. My baby weight had become my body weight. I hid in pictures, struggled to feel confident in my clothes and started to believe I would never feel like myself again. I lost and gained the same 10 pounds over and over again. I was missing out on my life.

Then, one day, I met a coach who changed my life. He taught me about nutrition, showed me how to workout again, facilitated a community of support and coached me past my own limiting beliefs. What he taught me 10 years ago became the foundation of the Fitme Method. He changed my life and I vowed to do the same thing for others.


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Jenna Thompson

FitMe has changed my mindset around food. It’s given me the community, the tools and the accountability to reach my goals. I’ve lost 50lbs after two pregnancies and I’m on the journey of doing it a third time with Fit Me. I have no doubt that I’ll accomplish healthy weight loss again with the sustainable habits I’ve made. The community is what sets this program apart. Not only do I have one on one coaching but I also have other women and mothers who support and encourage me along the way.

Jenna is a Fitme Client from Maryland she is currently using the Fitme Body Program to coach her through her 3rd postpartum weight loss season.

Racquel Armendariz

My results over the past year have been more than I could imagine. Not only with weightloss, but my mindset. Taking time to invest and care for myself has made me a better woman, mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend. I'm very grateful to be a part of a community so real, so encouraging and that challenges me to be better.

Racquel is a Fitme Client from New Mexico. She has lost over 40 pounds and is now a Certified Fitme Community Leader helping others make the changes she did.

Paige Doty

I feel better! My feet don't hurt (most of the time), my back doesn't hurt. I don't have joint pain. I don't think about food every waking moment of the day. I don't dwell on my body size and weight. I should also add, I have lost 16 pounds and 17 inches--all while I have not been focusing on that at all. This is MY TIME. MY JOURNEY. I feel free.

Paige is a Fitme Client from Washington. She is now a Certified Fitme Coach and is guiding and leading others to accomplish their goals.

Natika White

I just celebrated my 44th birthday and for the 1st time in my life, I feel like I have way more power over food and a level of self control and self confidence that I have never experienced in my life. This week I nervously went to my primary care physician for my annual exam (results from blood and urine test), which I normally dread due to us having to discuss my weight. Well, well, well, my doctor was shocked, I was shocked, and I’m still not even sure I believe the change I’ve experienced in 10 months! We went through 3 pages of test results and EVERY SINGLE result showed drastic improvement! Here is a tiny piece of the results where my doctor outlines the changes from 2020 to 2021! I have found so much joy and happiness during these past 12 months and these results are the icing on the most delicious cake that would be worth every bite, if I chose to celebrate that way. Guess what, that is what makes Fitme right for me the idea that I can make those types of choices without guilt or judgement!

Natika is a Fitme Client from Maryland is she has lost 30.5 pounds and 16.5 inches. She is now a Certified Fitme Community leader.

You Don't Have to Wait to Feel Good.

Start Now

Fitme specializes in helping women who want a complete lifestyle shift. We know that you want more than a quick fix. We know you are exhausted of wasting time and money and energy worrying about your weight. We will help you create a new healthy lifestyle and the weightloss, energy improvements and strength gains will happen easier than you could ever imagine.

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